Selected large-scale mixed media sculpture, assemblage, and installation accompanied by associated medium and small-scale works on paper and panel. Installation images are from gallery exhibitions from 2011 to December 2012.

Often utilizing manipulated furniture, found garments, in their entirety or solely as deconstructed materials, this work is an exploration between body and inner self, what is physically present versus what is absent, the known and unknown. Ghostlike figures emerge and as a whole this exploration forms a personal and existential yet fairytale-esque narrative that projects an image of a quasi-human world, filled with nostalgic beings, empty but frequently occupied rooms, and mythic creatures. Some works from their conception to their completion are intended to be recognizable, although abstracted, and always clothed or covered figures. The free-standing sculptures with painted or covered bases are constructed over hand-made armatures of wood and steel wire and range from 38" (96.5cm) to 62" (157.5cm) in height.  The selected mixed-media works on paper and panel shown at the end of this portfolio range in scale from 11" (27.9cm) square, to 24x36" (70x91.4cm). These either act as studies of textures and surfaces seen in the three-dimensional work or as two-dimensional extensions of the same metaphysical world which the entirety of this work creates.

The vast majority of this portfolio, and all of the sculpture - both wall-hanging and free-standing was made between 2010 and 2012 while Micah Donovick lived worked in upstate New York. At the time, he had access to a relatively large studio and storage space with adequate ventilation to use materials and techniques that are key-components to the overall aesthetic. Spray paint, polyester and epoxy resins, as well as using gas torches and fire are all a part of the unique patina seen on most of the sculpture - including the wall-hanging pieces.